Saturday August 27, 2022

The goal of We Run Oakland: For Our Children is to engage with the community to ensure they are more informed about the perils of human trafficking. Our objective is to continue our efforts in bridging the gap between services and community, closing the gap between ignorance and action, while challenging our mental and physical health. We Run Oakland: For Our Children will emphasize the importance of teaching RESPECT between "him" & "her"; promote self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence; and demand the elimination of exploitation. 

Community Based 


Participants and community members will have the opportunity to engage with our community based partners to obtain information and learn of prevention and supportive resources

For Our Children

against the perils of

human trafficking.


We are truly grateful for the


shown by our community


The benefits of your generosity

will make a difference

in the lives of

our Children!   


Thank you to our supporters:

Those who inspire us & those who are inspired by us!


Gratitude to the Businesses that Support Us!