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A Sista's Always Prepared: Puberty to Queen 

Calling all Young Sistas ages 8-12

        Sista's, do you remember the day you started your "cycle/period"?  Do you recall how prepared you were for that moment?  ​Reflecting on that experience and the woman you are today, what advice did you receive to prepare you for that day? What words of encouragement helped foster your confidence through the journey of puberty? 

        Presented through an Edification session for OUR young Sistas ages 8 to 12, A Sista's Always Prepared is a program designed to intersect the perception of preparation and the cultivation of confidence with the path of puberty.  Through personal experience and love, we teach our young Sistas how to positively embrace the transition into womanhood while cultivating confidence; this is A Sista's Touch in action. 

        At the conclusion of the Edification session, each young Sista will be able to:

1. Increase their confidence level in talking about puberty.

2. Demonstrate their ability to identify resources needed to maintain good hygiene.

3. Understand the appropriate use of at least 3 essential resources in the ASAP kit. 

4. Appreciate the act of preparation to achieve the skill of being confident.


ASAP: PQ - Cohort 6 | April 28, 2024
ASAP: PQ - Cohort 6 | April 28, 2024
Our ASAP:PQ Edification Workshop is here! We are excited to welcome and host the 6th cohort for an in person workshop!
Registration is now open and closes at capacity

Picture Gallery by Cohort

Cohort 3 & Dr. Jennifer Miller
Cohort 1 & Dr. Jennifer Miller

Cohort 2 & Dr. Tracy Evans-Ramsey