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Embrace A Sista's Touch: where the unbounded influence of Sistas as matriarchs, educators, executives, and role models knows no limits. We're here to make a difference by empowering communities through our collective strengths.

Welcome to A Sista's Touch!

Upcoming Events


Aug 24th: We Run Oakland - 5k Run/Walk

The We Run Oakland: For Our Children series is an annual family/community charity event focused on our collective responsibility to STOP human trafficking and exploitation. Through the partnerships of local organizations, the main goal is to bridge the gap between community, resources, and self-care. 


Oct 13th: A Sista's Always Prepared: Puberty to Queen

A Sista's Always Prepared is a program designed to intersect the perception of preparation and the cultivation of confidence with the path of puberty for young girls ages 8-12 years old. Through personal experience and love, we teach our young Sistas how to positively embrace the transition into womanhood while cultivating confidence

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