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A Sista's Touch


501c3 nonprofit corporation

The breadth of influence Sistas have on our community is endless. From matriarchs, educators, executives, entrepreneurs, health care workers, public servants, to role models for OUR girls, the value of OUR contribution is priceless!  

Our leadership role in strengthening community begins with cultivating OUR confidence while advancing OUR authority among Sistas of all generations, until the positive effect of A Sista’s Touch is


Description, Mission, and Aim

     Who we are: A Sista’s Touch is a tax-exempt (501c3) nonprofit public benefit corporation formed in the State of California in January 2017 to serve the Oakland and greater Bay Area communities. We are an organization striving to emphasize the influence of A Sista’s Touch and its effect on enhancing our local and broader communities. 

     Our Mission: The mission of A Sista’s Touch is to cultivate and celebrate Black Excellence through the personal and professional inspirations of African American women across all generations in the community; with a foundational focus on OUR adolescent girls.

   Our Aim: The aim of A Sista’s Touch is three fold: To Edify, Elevate, and Celebrate Excellence.  The platform of A Sista’s Touch is to provide fundamental resources to Edify in areas of new interests, to offer necessary support to Elevate in pursued interests, and to cultivate communal success by Celebrating Excellence of Sista's who have garnered high achievements. 

   Sista defined: Sista is defined by the Urban Dictionary as, a proud Black woman; a woman who carriers herself with pride.  We recognize a Sista in the way she speaks, in the way she walks, in her style and in her dress.  The characteristics of a Sista are not hard to distinguish.  She is a leader, articulate, sophisticated, intelligent, professional, creative, determined, strong, driven, loving, spiritual, accountable, emotional, compassionate, and uniquely Black.  This Sista is me, she is you, she is us. 

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