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A Sista's Always Prepared:

Financial Literacy

Calling all Young Sistas ages 13-18

Hey Sis,

How important is money management to you?
How do you believe your current spending habits will impact your future?
What experience do you have with making good financial decisions?
How important is having and managing your own money? 

Empowering Teen Queens: A Financial Literacy Program for the Future

           As a teenager you are no doubt thinking about your first job. In thinking about your first check, you will be faced with such questions at some point, if you have not considered them already. Thinking of the many milestones you will achieve during this time, financial responsibility should be a top priority. Knowing that the wealth income gap for Black Women is significant, the need to understand how money works and the tools required for financial independence is essential.

           To begin the process of closing the financial gap we have partnered with Bank of the West to provide a comprehensive financial literacy program that teaches our young Queens to make wise financial decisions into adulthood. The program is structured as a three part series and will cover the following topics: 

  • Financial dignity

  • Basics of budgeting

  • Get smart about banking

  • Fundamentals of credit

  • Introduction to saving and investment


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